breathe well

Clinical information

Quicker Setup Times

Breathe Well employs a wireless setup, the Breathe Well device simply clips onto the couch and it’s ready for use.

Faster Treatments

Breathe Well’s ergonomic design and intuitive patient-focused interface maximises patient compliance to steamline treatments. The ease of operator use will allow more time for you to spend with your patients.

Automated Calibration

Breathe Well automatically calibrates to the patient’s breathing and requires minimal scheduled QA downtime.

Innovative Design

Markerless Tracking

Breathe Well monitors the patient’s chest surface without the need for surrogates or external markers.


Breathe Well is compatible across a wide range of treatment and imaging platforms. Breathe Well does this by fitting across a wide range of couch indexing.

Adjustable Dimensions

The height, length, and angle of the Breathe Well device are all adjustable, labelled, and indexed. This ensures that there are no clearance or collision during treatment.

Reduce heart dose